What Family Law Attorneys Rarely Admit


  1. That Family Court officials are Above the Law, and are (almost) never held accountable for their actions: including telling lies, half-truths, and/or making verifiably False statements to the court, using children to commit extortion, lying to their own clients, charging you 1-2 "child support" payments (over and above "child support) to be your kid's Dad ... for years on end: or until you are broke.
  2. That many of them know each other, and (perhaps often) party together on evenings or weekends, go sailing or fishing together, or hang out with each other, attend parties together, even (at times) make (discreet) CASH payment to Judges, etc.
  3. That there is NOT ONE instance, to this day, of EVEN ONE Family Court official being held accountable for telling lies to the court: in the entire history of California's Family Courts.
  4. That even if you are in a "High Conflict" (ongoing) Divorce and/or custody battle, your own attorney, or social worker, judge, etc. will very likely NOT inform you about High Conflict Resolution programs: that will often preserve your custody (and relationship) with your own Child, or Children.  This is because they are ALL there for the MONEY and NOT for you or your Children.
  5. That attorneys are NOT sworn in before they speak in court, nor held accountable when they tell lies to the Judge, nor withhold pertinent information from the court.  Social workers are also NOT required to sign their reports under penalty of Perjury.
  6. That there are NO COMPLAINT forms, for you to file: should you catch them in a dastardly deed.   This is because they are a bunch of professional Liars and Thieves who don't want to look themselves in the mirror, nor hold each other accountable.
  7. That your spouse, or former spouse, can tell as many lies as they want, and NOTHING will be done to them.  In fact, they are rewarded (with custody) for doing so.
  8. That it is VERY OFTEN NOT to your advantage to have an attorney -- unless it is a "Mediation ONLY" attorney who represents BOTH the Mom and  the Dad, and whose services are often over with in One or Two days.

We hope this information has helped you in some way.  It comes from having dealt with 'The System" of Crooks for over Five years: and from talking with many other people who (also) "got screwed" after having been Robbed for years.


Randy S. Berg

The California Bar 
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