Videos on Family Court and Government Corruption

Divorce Corp: The Movie
Coming Soon to a Theater near You 

A System of Lies

Family Law Reform Needed Now: Part 1

Child Support and Family Court Corruption

Corrupt Judges Force wrong Father to Pay

Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family Courts

The Nazi's Did it and so Did the Communists
Our Courts ignore case law and our Constitutional Rights 

Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights 

Family Court: The Source of the Corruption 
a YouTube Video by Carol Rhodes, Stephen Baskerville and others 
Explains it all and how the Judges are "padding their own pockets."

Government Sponsored War on Fatherhood: Part 1

Government Sponsored War on Fatherhood: Part 2

Support System Down and the Evils of Family Law
Two videos as you scroll down the page

Ben Vonderheid and Nancy Schaefer on Angiemedia
Three videos to choose from as you scroll down the page

Progress in San Diego: Coalition for Families and Children
Interview with Emad Tadros and Eileen Lasher

Children Need Both Parents: Ron Smith on  

Center for Judicial Excellence Documentary on our Family Court Crisis 

Should the State be allowed to Take Your Kids for Any (or No) Reason?