To Whom it Should Concern:

    The following are a few of the reasons why another Child is growing up without a Father -- In this case my Daughter:

  1. Because the State of California sees Divorce as a Business to generate income (for Above-the-Law lawyers, psychologists, therapists, and social workers); and society views fathers as unnecessary to a Child's well-being: and as easily replaceable: by mom, pets, or other men.

  2. Because our "Family Courts" are ran by Lieyers, Thieves, and Judge-Buddies -- with NO accountability: for the purpose of using Children to extort Money from their parents: in our case about $120,000.... and because they Wanted More Loot to micromanage me and ONLY me, and WANTED to be worshipped as if they were God and as if they Created Heaven and Earth, and all living things: including us.

  3. Because  Lieyers  are above the law, and can tell Lie after Lie in court and also alter "numerous" transcripts to cover up for themselves.  And because they have Judge-Buddies who protect them when caught telling fibs.

  4. Because the Federal government pays the States to destabilize divorcing families: from $4,000 - $6,000 per child, per month for Children who are put in Foster Care, for just about any reason: including false or trumped up charges.

  5. Because my Daughter asked me to read her a Story from her Children's Bible and I did and was told to Repent, by a J-B who couldn't see through a notorious Lieyer's smoke.  See Luke 14:20-26; 18:28-30 and I Pet. 4:12-19 for what it often means to follow Christ in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

  6. Because Judge-Buddies allow their fellow court-buddies to nitpick, harass, lie about, and micromanage Moms and Dads for Money to "visit" their Child (or Children): until one of them walks away and/or goes broke.

  7. Because someone used All of their  Child Support  (plus more) to hire Billy the Kidnapper to tell Lies and earn favor after favor:  including Sole Legal Custody when the Money stopped flowing into their coffers.

  8. Because a Judge-Buddy was more interested in my getting  "a job that pays more"  to keep paying extortionists to nitpick (Dad and only Dad) while he tried to have a relationship with his Daughter, than whether or not a child she never met grew up knowing her father.

  9. Because the court wanted me to be sorry for telling the truth when my Daughter asked why she only saw me once every two weeks, for three hour visits: and to promise not to tell the truth anymore: about the court that used her to generate $120KKK (of Loot) in only 5.5 years.

  10. Because Mom wanted Dad out of her Daughter's life, while the San Diego Family Court of Crooks didn't really care about anything other than how to extract a few more tens of thousands of dollars for themselves and their bank accounts while milking another case for ALL it was worth.

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