Timothy Pittullo, attorney
Decide for yourself whether or not you think this man is a Crook


We have reason to suspect that a Mr. Timothy Pittullo, who works in family courts of both Riverside and San Bernardino counties is an attorney to steer clear of.  For example, the following are some of the things that are said about him:

For example from the  Lawyerratingz.com  site we are told: 

"Pittullo is not just an arrogant pompous and bombastic grandiloquent idiot savant but he will destroy people for fun and money. He is the perfect example of what gives the other attorneys a bad name. He has templated his attacks on innocent former spouses. He specializes in representing easily influenceable women whose husbands have money.  He has several judges in his pocket and uses his corrupting influence duly. He is crooked as they come. "   

"Mr. Pittullo is arrogant and rude. You can't count on him at all. He was always late to court and at one point was fined for his lateness. Gets angry literally when you ask him a question twice. He never meets with you to discuss your case and is just an overall jerk. All he appears to be is interested in your checkbook.  I would not recommend him to anyone. His law firm is disorganized and the paralegals are in the dark half the time. Overall a waste of time and especially money. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction! "  

"More interested in covering his own a$$ than me (his client) written work is sloppy and his services are WAY overpriced. However, he is a pit bull in the actual courtroom. Expect to pay extremely high fees for what can be done for less by others. Additionally, he also fell asleep on me in a meeting." 

" ... documents prepared by his office ...  had me assigned to the wrong courtroom several times; communication is extremely poor: his office had me writing a check to a vocational consultant who wasn't even approved by the court in that case; he is extremely expensive, his wife, Cissy Barker, and other office staff are extremely rude and unprofessional. he also slept a lot (YES, he was sleeping) during court on more than one occasion and took private phone calls from his children during consultations and charged me for the time."


We also received the following comments about his law firm from one of his former clients:

A black cloud hangs over this firm and its people. I fired them but not without them first damaging my case and causing emotional harm to me and my spouse.

 The firm was unstable from a partner perspective. I received several notices that the firm was changing partners. It appeared from the outside that there was financial stress and the emphasis was on money ….  The firm’s primary attorney P.T. Pittullo tended to rely heavily on an inexperienced attorney named J. Zitney to execute work in addition to an administrative assistant and paralegal. There was inconsistency in their support staffing which led to things falling through the cracks.

When I was interviewing for a new attorney after experiencing gross mistakes in the handling of my case by this firm, I spoke with three attorneys in San Bernardino that told me they are often on the receiving end of numerous clients that flee this firm and they validated my experience. 

  1. Over-billed for services
  2. Poor reputation of firm amongst peer group
  3. Shoddy court-room practices
  4. Take advantage of people who haven’t been through the legal process before and fail to educate on the process.
  5. Do not like to be questioned
  6. Arrogant, Abrasive, and combative
  7. Sloppy paperwork, typos, rushed correspondences
  8. Discovery work of poor quality and lacked follow-up
  9. Focus on billing hours verses the quality of work.
  10. Berate clients who question their practices as “stupid”, “inexperienced”, “hard to deal with” verses self-examination on where they are responsible for client dissatisfaction.

Will make any situation between spouses and children worse.  So unless you hate yourself and your former spouse, I would not hire this firm. Any seed of thought that they could possibly care about you or your situation is manipulation to get your business. You are an object with money to be consumed by vampiric legal careerists who are the very nexus of what is wrong with the system. Sound harsh? I warned you. I learned from an unfortunate situation. You can learn from my experience. There are attorneys out there that care. I found one. Seek them out.

In closing, this firm in many ways is like Enron in that they refuse to consider problems that their “whistle-blowers” (clients, partners, opposing counsel) warn about. This “can-do persona”, when combined with self-delusion, puts the firm in serious trouble, because they are so full of their own hot air, they consider themselves as beyond the need to listen to the warnings from clients, past partners, books or the public. Instead they try to escape into their own imaginary cloud of arrogant illusory assumptions about reality.


In 1998 my now ex wife went to our bank without my knowledge and withdrew $12,000.00 which she handed over to Pittullo.  Now one can use the attorney concept of, well, it's community property.  However, even a blind man can see this is hardly ethical.  Additionally, Mr. Pittullo took on another attorney by the name of Abernathy as a law partner while Abernathy was my attorney under Vincent Garcia.  Mr. Abernathy was prepared to go into court for my now ex-wife while he knew my feelings, bank accounts, property assets and other intimate, privileged information.  I wouldn't call this unethical on the part of Pittullo and Abernathy.  But then, where does one go to find ethics retained by any attorney or judge?  I went to the San Francisco counsel of jurisprudence and they felt none of these facts were pertinent to the removal of Pittullo and Abernathy or Haslam.  It is a fraternity of crooks no less than the Mafia or organized crime.  Tony

This comment is from a man who wrote a book on his experience with the Rancho Cucamonga Family Courts: and an attorney whose name is Timothy Pittullo.  Various quotes from his book are provided below.


And at www.avvo.com/attorneys/91730-ca-peter-pittullo-279790/reviews.html  we find the following:

Review number 1:
"Fired this guy after a few months. Ethically challenged. With the same wicked bite that he will bite your spouse he will bite you. Be aware. Fees are extraordinary for the sloppy work done. You are a cog in the wheel and do not matter as a person. Duplicate efforts, little to no discovery. Unsavory. There was a book published about him called "
Without Honor".  I found it while searching online."

Review number 2:
"It depends how much money you have and who your spouse has hired. If you want to blow through money and know you are going to trial, hire him. However, watch every single detail and don't let him turn those details over to someone else. You are going to have to stay on top of everything as he doesn't like the details. The ego might get in the way as well. if your spouse hired a pitbull use Pittullo, his secretary is amazing and is responsive...and you will pay for all of it. He will work to settle but make sure YOU, not him or his team know what you want, the value of it and have all your details in hand as he won't. You might also not know what to ask for and you will need to press him for all those details. So, be careful when you decide on Pittullo, you will have a highly experienced attorney, a pitbull in court, an amazing man that does one hell of a deposition but you will not have a friend or an advocate and if your money runs low he won't work for you and will not go after attorney fees or temporary attorney fees. Unless you know ahead of time to ask for them. His discovery department isn't that great but they send out the paperwork rather quickly. Don't let the junior attorney handle your case or deal with other advanced attorney's without Pittullo there."

Review number 3:
"Before hiring this attorney, he told me he would do a financial discovery/evaluation on our business and my husbands income. He never submitted a financial evaluation to determine child support and didn't take me serious. He's money hungry and doesn't care if you win or lose your case. Nothing was ever established, not even child support! He has abused his powers as an attorney. He's very condescending. In the end, I was left with an order that damages me."


From the book: Without Honor, Hall of Injustice: by Raymond A. Heninger we are told that:

"Now,  I don't know what conclusion the reader has reached, but I seriously think that some folks need to be drug tested to see if all their mental faculties are operational!  Pittullo  and Abernathy foul up, and the Judge ... (orders me to)  pay for their mistake.  This ... is like arresting and punishing a bystander who foils a bank robbery and captures the bank robber ..." (It) ... makes no sense."

"He manipulates the system and the court to his caprice.  Most people like structure, order and rules.  A certain outcome is expected and anticipated, fair play,  ...  That is certainly not the case with this man or this Rancho Cucamonga California Family Law Court ..."

"I had ... evidence to substantiate my allegations of improper actions on the part of the Rancho Cucamonga Family Law Court,  attorney P. Timothy Pittullo, ... Norma Koch, ... Christopher Abernathy and Vincent B. Garcia."

"Apparently yet another hearing had been held once again without my presence, whereby the group of Judge Brian  D. Saunders, P. Timothy Pittullo and Vincent B. Garcia had been making decisions as to what to do with my money."

"Let me state ...  for the record that upon becoming a participant in divorce litigation whether you initiated the action  or ... are the ... victim, as a participant in this deplorable court process, it is an individual decision as to how far you are willing to let the court system and their agents take you and your money and toy with your life."

"I was in jail for 16 years" .... (as a corrections officer) ... and I find the residents there (are) ... more honorable and with far more ethics than the Courts or the attorneys  of the State of California."

" ... these people have never had to work for a living..."

"When the courts finally decided ... to grant me my divorce after two (2) years and four (4) months, their stick and pony show took less than nine (9) minutes and consisted of four (4) totally irrelevant questions ..."


" ... these attorneys ... will pry, snoop, question, and get into your personal business.  Solution, ... bury your stuff someplace, but keep their nose out of your business."

"To my recollection we have had twenty-three (23) continuances for no justifiable reason.  None of which were authorized by me."

"The Rancho Cucamonga court of Mandabach and Pittullo cost me a $400,000 home ... (Now) ...  I get $495.31 per month out of my $2,045.62 ... disability pension."

"I have now lost my share of the house money and then some.  How long do you think a Security Guard has to work to recover $111,539 ... ?"

"The problems tend to grow at the hands of the court system and their agents and you will struggle to maintain your composure and sanity..."

The illustration above is used with permission from Kathy Brown and has been modified from the original. 

The information above is provided as a public service.  We make no absolute claim that Timmy is a crook; however we have reason to believe he has done unethical things that have resulted in many (would-be) parents being needlessly, unnecessarily, and/or maliciously separated from their children. --  and their (would-be) assets. 

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