The Ten Commandments of Family Court

  1.  Thou shalt LUV the LOOT with All thy Heart, Mind, and Eternal Soul.

  2. Thou shalt LUV thy Family Court-Buddies as Thy-Self.

  3. Thou shalt Steal by Extortion: using Time with the Kids as Bait.

  4. Thou shalt LUV Lieyers, False Witnessing and Fibbery.

  5. Thou shalt not shine Light in court, nor Searchlight on court premises.

  6. Thou shalt Not Honor father nor mother unless they keep PAYING up.

  7. Thou Shall appoint Supervisors & Count-Z-Looters when Loot or Credit Card-Loot is available.

  8. Thou shalt tell Black or White lies when it's in Zee-Court's Best Interest.

  9. Thou shalt pass the Loot-Plate back & forth and WARN non-Looters to get their Loot-together: if they want to stay intact with (or see) the State's kids.

  10. Thou shalt Kill All attempts to expose Lieyers, Count-Z-Looters, psycho's, and Sociopaths to candlelight, Flashlight, Spotlight, or Light of Day.

Inspired by the San Diego Family Courts and their lack of Integrity, and expertise at using 
Children to commit Extortion: from only "minor parenting issues," hot air, and smoke.