The Price we pay for unethical and unaccountable judges, lawyers, and
(Scam Artist)
therapists, psychologists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers 
who use Children to commit extortion and needlessly Separate responsible 
Loving Parents from their Children is in the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars 
per year -- just in America -- not counting the pain and suffering of being 
separated from your children by greedy court officials and coward judges.

Children of Divorce & Separation Statistics

And the Fatherlessness Statistics at

See also the Fatherlessness Facts Front 
and Fatherlessness Facts Back 
at the Website

Here They are in Espanől

Note also that 
it's also Happening to Moms as well: 
More and MORE often ...

as is depicted in the following Links that are NO JOKE

Foster Care ...  for the State

Ben Vonderheid and Nancy Schaefer on Angiemedia
Three videos to choose from as you scroll down the page

Progress in San Diego: Coalition for Families and Children
Interview with Emad Tadros and Eileen Lasher

Should the State be able to Take Your Kids ... for Any Reason, and/or No Reason?