The Lies of Billy the Kid and his Court-Buddy Crooks
A Typical Day in California's Family Courts 


An account of how seven lawyers, two private mediators, three psychologists, two supervisors, a play therapist, and a 
Cartoonist made $120KKK from one little kid.  
And how Dishonest and Greedy Officials use kids to make money by 
Robbing parents of as much money they are willing (or can afford to) PAY to be their kids Mom or Dad.

“To show partiality in judgment is not good.”
King Solomon; Proverbs 24:23-25  

"The eyes of the Lord are in Every place, watching the evil and the good."
Proverbs 15:3

"We are dealing with “minor parenting issues…” and “the father’s interactions with Rayna, … did not lead (me) to believe that the child (is) at risk ... in any way.”
Bob Lesh, 4-04-2006, P. 5:19; and 3-15-06; P. 6:15-23

  Sounsupervised is fine outside that household.” And My client has NO OPPOSITION to the schedule… just… THAT Particular Household …
Bill Benjamin, 2-09-06; P. 5:28 – 6:1.  P.6: L.11-13. 

 “This is all about Rayna.”
Dr. Robert J. Fox: who did not want to meet her, nor make any external contacts, but only listen to constant complaints: for $250/hr – and do so four times as often as Miss Ospeck.  

“You have to wonder, when CERTAIN Individuals have child abuse charges, 
or false charges, associated with almost EVERY case they take.”
A lawyer who works in the San Diego Family Courts

"You also have to wonder why the neither the District Attorney, the Attorney's General office,
nor the U.S. Attorney's office does anything to the kidnappers and child traffickers: that 
operate right under their noses -- and have been doing so for years."

Randy S. Berg, and a multitude of others who KNOW what's going on: i.e. 
 Prof. Stephen Baskerville, Dr. Sanford Braver, Alec Baldwin, Harry Crouch, Dr. Emad Tadros, et. al.  

The details of this case are in the court record for any and all to see for themselves what is going on.
In addition many books have been written on this subject of Family Court corruption and the destruction
that lawyers and their social worker (and psycho) buddies are doing to the lives of children and their 
(would-be) parents all over this (once great) land and Canada, and much of Europe.

In this regard, and of significance are the following facts:
1. Court officials are almost never held to account for telling lies in court, and/or making statements that are
grossly inaccurate, if not deceptively so.  Attorneys call them "misstatements of fact."
2. Attorneys are NOT "sworn in" before they speak in court: even if the have a history of telling lies in court
3. About 20 percent of Divorces today are of a High-Conflict nature: meaning that they are USED to generate
income for Attorneys, Private Social workers and Therapists, Supervisors, etc. -- where law-abiding parents 
are treated with suspicion, and as if they were irresponsible teenagers who need to be closely supervised: for
years and years: Or until ALL their Money (and/or credit)  is used up. 
4. Parents are NOT warned who they are dealing with when they enter the Family Court system: meaning that
the people who operate "The System" are (for all practical purposes) Above the Law.
5.  The media is owned by the Crooks who also Own the courts: i.e. The Banksters who own and operate
the IRS, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Federal Reserve, etc.  

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