Stephen Doyne, psychologist:
Decide for yourself whether or not you think that this man is a Crook

1.  Chris Hansen:  For those who don't know, Chris Hansen lost custody of his son in the San Diego family courts -- also known as "The System."   Mr. Hansen was the first person to tell me how CORRUPT the San Diego Family Courts are.  He also told me that what happened to him would happen to me: simply because San Diego's family courts are perhaps the most corrupt in the nation.  At the time I didn't believe him, but after four years of dealing with San Diego's family courts and witnessing the distortions, outright lies, and extortion that their officials are committing -- to make parents jump through hoop after hoop to be their kid's mom or dad -- I became a believer  in the FACT that our courts are CORRUPT and FAR more interested in how much Money they can make from hot air and smoke than telling truth and administering justice, or whether kids grow up knowing and relating with their own parents

Because there was some MONEY to extort, Mr. Hansen was treated like many other parents who love their kids and want to remain in their lives after divorce in America: i.e. like an unwanted baby-sitter.  Thus he felt abandoned by his country, and thus began checking the "non-resident alien" box on the 1040NR form and thus chose to STOP paying Taxes.  He later also wrote a book on this subject, that he has called the 
Great IRS Hoax: thus informing others how they can do the same.  It is available via a Free PDF download from a web site at  Chris also told me that Stephen Doyne was involved with his case and that the reason he didn't try to reform the Courts was because he didn't know how or where to begin, nor have the resources to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

2.  Dr. Emad Tadros: Dr Tadros is one of the top psychiatrists in the San Diego area and past chief of mental health at Scripps Medical Center.  As a result of a report that Dr. Doyne wrote to the family court in his custody case, he asked for Doyne's CV (curriculum vitae), and after he received it by court order, he began to investigate Dr. Doyne, and the internet-based organization that certified him.  Since then, Dr. Tadros has uncovered many questionable things: some of which point fingers at Dr. Doyne and who he claims to be: and a court that refuses to hold any of its people accountable for anything they say or do.  See the Links below for more details and decide for yourself whether or not you think Dr. Doyne is a man of integrity.

Stephen Doyne and San Diego Family Law Courts Under Fire, located on angiemedia's web site.

Dr Stephen Doyne and San Diego family court, from

San Diego CPS uses Phony Psychologist, CNN,  I-report

Amicus Curae filed on behalf of California Coalition for Families and Children

No Forensic Background? No Problem, About the ACFE and ACFEI on The Public Court's web site.

Complaint to the California State Bar association.

3.  Audio message from Doyne's former office manager.  See  "Complaint to the California State Bar" and click on the Play button to hear the message.  Note: This is only for those who have ears to hear ... (as opposed to the IRS or the CA Franchise Tax Board -- who apparently Don't Care how much they are cheated out of) ... and the correct audio player installed ... and their volume turned up.  For those who don't, the following is what it says:

"...  Dr. Tadros I wanted to let you know, ... I  know you know Stephen Doyne,  and I wanted to let you know that ... his wife, Beth, is on the payroll every 2-weeks ... for $5,000 Dollars and has never worked at his office, and also she collected unemployment while she also collected that $5,000 Dollars every 2-weeks ...  I  just wanted to let you know that. Bye. ... To Re-play Press 1, To Save Press 2, To Delete Press 3 ..."

4.  John Van Doorn: Mr. Van Doorn told me personally that Stephen Doyne caused what was left of his parental role -- during and after his divorce -- to be much more difficult and Costly.  And that as a result of how he was treated by the San Diego Family Courts he ran for County Supervisor twice.  I was also present when he said, "Stephen Doyne has got to go" ...  only minutes after the director of the California Men's Center had said the exact same words (to me) as I  entered his office.

5.  Ben S.: Stephen Doyne told me that form "FL-326 was not being used at the time" of my custody evaluation.  He lied, since this form  (FL-326) was mandatory during the time my custody evaluation took place.  This is verified in correspondence between then Supervising Family Law Judge Lorna Alksne, on the form itself, and in Judicial Counsel minutes and reports.  Stephen Doyne has on his resume that he teaches CRC 5.225 - 5.230. Therefore he consciously lied to me when he responded to my correspondence to him asking where my FL-326 form is. This private "licensed" professional is a liar and a thief who charges $350 per hour for his so-called (on-going) "services."   

6.  Custody Evaluator's Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit, Channel 10, San Diego local news story

7.  Quazi-Judicial Immunity for Fraud upon the Court: from the Judicial Council Watcher's web site.

8. CA parent files Racketeering suit against judges, the CA Bar, Stephen Doyne, and others.

Randy Berg, former Dad

The information and Links above are provided as a public service.  We make no definite claim that this man is a crook; however we have good reason to believe that this man has done many unethical things that have resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of  (would-be) parents being needlessly, and/or unnecessarily separated from their own children. 


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