It has come to our attention that Family Courts don't Police their ranks, nor does the State of California revoke the licenses of, or JAIL those who are, in essence, legal Extortionists who operate virtual Child Traffic centers in broad daylight: via what are known as "Family Courts."  Therefore it's up to the public to expose unethical people and do whatever it takes to see that this Lawlessness Stops, and that we rid OUR courts of professional Liars, Thieves, and Kidnappers.   

Note also that even though we only list a handful of suspects below, it has been estimated that there are MANY MORE just in the San Diego area: perhaps several hundred???


With regard to corruption in San Diego, Dr. Emad Tadros has said:

"Mr. Aguirre 'REPEATEDLY' told me that the only way for my case to survive is to get it out of San Diego County and out of the Superior court levels."

And in this regard, Chris Hansen, has said that:

 "You are not going to get any justice from our Family Courts, nor Superior courts, nor even from a  State court, but only if you can get your case to a Federal court." 


To Learn about the "Secret Oath" taken by attorneys, 
simply follow your nose: or Click on the Link.



San Diego County, CA

Stephen  Doyne, psychologist

Michael Roddy, ??? 


Riverside County, CA

Timothy Pittullo, attorney


San Bernardino County, CA

Timothy Pittullo, attorney



The California Bar Assoc 

Felony Tax Evasion or Amnesia?

Courts of Justice or Child Trafficking Services? 


Nation and Worldwide

The Owners of the Bar Associations
 Or (said to be) the
Lawyers Guild of England

Who is the Remnant? 

Disclaimer: Just because a name is listed above does NOT, necessarily mean that they are Crooks
Note: The Illustration above is by Kathy Brown and has been slightly modified.

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