Reforming our Family Courts:
Taking the Family Courts away from Un-accountable-Professionals
and giving them back to the People whom they are supposed to serve

The top priorities of Family Courts are  to protect Family Court officials from accountability and Use Children to commit Extortion.  This has resulted in the separation of millions of Fathers and Mothers from their Children during or after a Divorce and is the reason why 30-35 million Children in the United States are growing up without one or more of their parents.

When Above the Law Lawyers, Cracker-Jack* certified psychologists,** and  Licensed clinical social workers become involved in custody disputes, the average cost to Manage one child and his or her parents is about $24,000 per year: or $12,000 per parent / year: not counting  “Child Support.”  And rather than stop the Child Traffickers and remove the Crooks, the Feds & States are simply Helping themselves to Half of the Loot: via taxes paid by un-accountable-professionals who make $100,000--$500,000 / year. 

Parents are very often viewed with suspicion, or as criminals, while Lawyers, Therapists, and  Licensed clinical social workers like gods who supposedly care more about Children than their parents.  As a result the Divorce Business has become a BIG BUSINESS, and Family Courts little more than  Child Trafficking Services: where children are for SALE to the Highest Bidder, or for RENT to the parent who stops paying MOC 1officials to commit Perjury, Extortion, and legalized Kidnapping.

By doing nothing to punish an unethical parent, the Family Courts and their accomplices are making $120,000+ from “Tree Frogs,” “Turkey Burgers” and “Juicy-Juice” to the detriment of the children and the public whom they are supposed to serve.  So instead of helping, many court officials simply  help themselves to parent’s Bank Accounts, Assets and Credit Cards.  And when the Money is gone, the Children are often awarded to the parent who actively participated in the Loot generation process. 

For Trust to be restored, all Court officials must be treated as adults and held accountable for their actions or inaction: including Judges who commit legal kidnappings for trivial and/or trumped up reasons. 

Things that need to be changed for sanity to be restored 

1.         The Monetary element must be minimized or removed and accountability restored.  Children are not byproducts of government but rather are made by God via their parents and they deserve to be Loved by both parents rather than used like property to generate Loot for Lawyers and their Court Buddies.

Lawyers make between $150-975/hr, yet they are not sworn to tell the truth nor punished when caught making accusations that are verifiably false, but rather protected by "Litigation Privilege."

Psychologists, Therapists, and Private Mediators make from $100-300/hr for listening to the most nitpicky complaints imaginable and playing games with kids.   Many are not required to report to the court but rather are shielded through unaccountable social workers and state attorneys.  And when they submit a report, they are not required to sign it under penalty of perjury.  And if it contains verifiably false statements, nothing will be done to them since their Quazi-judicial immunity and Court-Buddy Judges provide them with an unlimited amount of cover to Loot. 

If they are specialists,  they can charge whatever they want in their private practice, but if they are working with the Family Courts, they should not be paid more than $20/hr, while attorneys not more than $25/hr.  This ALONE will WEED OUT those who are there for the MONEY as opposed to the Children and their broken-up families. 

It is time to treat attorneys like grown ups, and to swear them in when they open their mouths in Court, and require all court officials to sign their reports under penalty of perjury,  to record all client sessions and Court hearings, and to make tapes available to the parties who request them.

If it is determined that a person who works with the Family Courts has deceived the court, that person should be fined and the fines awarded to the party who was harmed by their actions.  If an official is caught deceiving the court more than three times in three years, then he or she must pay a $100,000 fine or forfeit his or her license.  All Judges who refuse to enforce by this should have their retirements taken away and be banned from our Courts.

2.          COURT TRANSCRIPTS MUST NOT BE TAMPERED WITH.  We are no longer living in the Dark Ages, and professional Lieyers 2 are abusing the People’s Trust by meddling with transcripts behind closed doors.  One solution is a Get Smart Investigation: another is to  make Audio Tapes of all hearings, and have them  available right after the hearings.  Other options are to Shut Down the Family Courts or ban  Lieyers and Judge Buddies from the premises.

3.          All Charges or False Charges of Child abuse must be investigated by notifying the accused in writing and by phone, and asking them to respond in writing, or by going through CPS.  This must be performed BEFORE going to court with the accusations.  False accusations must be reported and the reports made available to the offended party.  Recidivist false accusations must be punished by Jail, Fine, or loss of custody.  More than three Lies in Court should be regarded as recidivist behavior.

4.           Private Mediation Contracts must not last more than six months.   If at the end of that time either party doesn’t approve of the BUSINESS, that party must be allowed to select another  Licensed clinical extortionist, or allowed to opt out of the  BUSINESS.  At present this is not being done, but rather everyone with money is being herded into a One-size-fits-All Note Taking Service called “Private Mediation”: with open-ended contracts and Above the Law officials who think they care more about Children than their Parents.

Private mediators are supposed to be the  eyes and ears of the Judge;  however, many of them simply want to collect something for nothing and use Children to confiscate Assets, Loot Bank Accounts, and max out Credit Cards.
And while some Parents might enjoy weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly note-taking sessions with their former spouses, most Children and Parents would benefit more from  High Conflict Resolution -- where all communication is by email.

For these reasons, Private Mediation needs to be either severely restricted and monitored, or abolished altogether.  If restricted, a 1st step would be to require that all sessions be recorded, and that mediators learn how to sign their reports under penalty of perjury.   A 2nd would be for ALL Judge-Buddies to resign.

Private Mediation is  only for parents who are willing to put aside their animosity and do what it best for their children.  It is not for those who create strife and constantly look for things to complain about: nor should it be for the financial gain of the mediator.

5.          Audio Tapes Must Be Made Available.  To help aid immature mediators and professional thieves to become responsible, all client sessions and court hearings must be recorded and tapes made available to both parties for nominal fees after each session or hearing, or later upon request.

6.          Oversight must be required for ALL people associated with the Family Courts.  Oversight must not be delegated to Judge-Buddies, Lieyers, or unaccountable  Private social workers who make from $100-300/hr (or $100-$500,000) per year, but people who actually care about children.

This will mean that All mediators and therapists must report directly to the court  via written reports and not shielded from accountability by state attorneys or social workers, and that All parents are assigned to an Investigator at the time of their induction into the family court system.  Investigators must possess Integrity not charge more than $35/hr.   If an Investigator is caught lying, he or she must resign.  All Evaluations by Investigators must be made public for Five years.

7.          Minor’s Counsels must be re-confirmed once a year.  Under the current system, when a parent walks out on a do-nothing Above the Law Private Social Worker, the court will try to appoint an Above the Law attorney who works for the state.  Once appointed, the attorney will continue the same nit picking that the social worker allowed until ALL the Money is gone.

Therefore, in an attempt to obtain a minor’s counsel who cares about Children, all such officials must be reconfirmed once a year by both Parents: in writing.  If at that time, either party wants minor’s counsel removed, then minor’s counsel must be removed.

Minor’s Counsels must also be sworn in before speaking in court, sign their reports under penalty of perjury, and be subject to investigation by independent investigators.  Any Minor’s Counsel found guilty of deceiving the court must be fined a minimum of $500 and removed from the case, and the infraction noted in his or her public record for five years.

8.          All parents entering the Family Court System must take the 6-week Co-parenting class sponsored by Family Court Services within six-months of their first Court hearing.

9.           Supervision should ONLY be used when allegations of abuse have been substantiated, or during the time they are being investigated.  Supervision should NOT be used when there is no valid evidence of abuse.  Judges must respect parents’ rights, and order nitpicky or dishonest parents, and/or their Lieyers to pay for Supervision and Legal Fees out of their own pockets.
When a supervisor is appointed, THE PARTY WHO ASKS FOR IT MUST PAY FOR IT: and especially if they have an attorney whom they are also  PAYING.  Unless genuine abuse has been documented, it should NOT Last more than ONE MONTH.

10.     ALL release of liability forms must be DONE AWAY WITH.  The release of liability form has become a tool for therapists, private mediators and lawyers to escape justice when they knowingly tell lies to, or withhold pertinent information from the court.   To stop the abuse, all such forms must be made null and void and court officials told that they will henceforth be accountable for their actions, or inaction. 

If a Judge-Buddy refuses to punish an official who lies to, or deceives the court, that Judge’s refusal must be noted in his or her record as a bad mark.   If a Judge receives three Bad marks in less than a year then that Judge must step down from the bench or pay a $300,000 fine and the Money distributed equally among those harmed by his or her actions.

If any Judge or other official who works with the Family Court, refuses to cooperate with an Investigation, or to release his or her curriculum vitae when requested, that person should be fined $5,000 and removed from the case and their refusal to cooperate noted in their public record.

11.      All Court officials Must take Ethics courses once a year  – without exception: this includes Judges, Private Attorneys, Minor’s Counsels, FCS and Private Mediators, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Court Reporters, Sheriffs and Supervisors.

12.      No Judge should be allowed to separate Parents from their Children during or after a Divorce.  Such action should only be allowed by a panel of 12 parents and/or former parents (of six moms and six dads) by unanimous vote: after having heard the evidence and notified or attempted to notify both parents in writing.  The only exception is if (or during the time) that a parent is in Jail. 

At present, discontented spouses and former spouses (and/or their Lieyers) can tell lie after lie -- both in and out of court: while the court's thieves conduct a symbiotic relationship with them: until ALL the Money is used up.  Then the extortionists will award the kids to the parent who let themselves be used, while telling the other parent  "to get a job that pays more,"  or to get lost.

*   It has been estimated that 95% of psychologists have either no certification, or a pay-by-internet one:  as opposed to a genuine certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

** According to Wiseman, 95% of psychologists are Atheists or Agnostics: people whom God calls fools: Ps. 10:4, 14:1; 53:1.  See Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal by Bruce Wiseman, pp. 13, 48. 

1. Members Only Court
2. A Lawyer who tells lies in Court: who may have  Selective Mutism and  False Disorder Syndrome

Copyright 2009, The People of the United States of America  

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