Why Fathers Stop Paying Child Support

The Two Primary reasons that cause Fathers to try to stop paying -- or actually stop paying -- Child Support are:

  1. Because they Lose their Job and can't afford to Pay, and 
  2. Because they are needlessly separated from their Children by malicious, nitpicky and/or dishonest mothers and unethical social workers, Lieyers, psychologists, and Therapists who make a living by Slandering and nitpicking the innocent parent to the Nth degree: while covering up for the Liars, false accusers, and nitpickers: who, in turn, require constant supervision: and thus generate a continuous flow of Loot.

This was discovered by Sanford Braver and a team of researchers from the University of Arizona.  See Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths, by Sanford Braver, Ph.D.

It is also a FACT that the States are Taking Advantage of the Second Reason by forcibly, and needlessly separating millions of Fathers from their own Children: and Profiting from the aftermath of both Fathers who Stop paying Child Support, and Children who become restless from having to grow up without their fathers.  Many of these professional Liars and Thieves charge between $100-400/hour for their so-called "services" that go on and on and on: until one of the parents goes broke, or they BOTH wake up.  The more professional Crooks who become attached to each case, the harder it becomes for parents to extricate themselves from their grasp: simply because they are all in cahoots, and don't really care about you or your kids, but rather about themselves and their Bank Accounts.  The States and Federal government is also in cahoots with the Crooks, simply because they don't hold any of them accountable, and because they by destroying families they are making people more and more dependent on them, and because by making parents jump through hoop after hoop after hoop, they are, in reality, making them Pay for a license to parent.  In my case, they had me paying $12,000 per year just to be a parent: not counting child support.  And when I stopped, the simply told me to get lost, or  "get a job that pays more."


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