Child Trafficking or Organized Crime?

Most people would agree that Extortion and Kidnapping are Crimes regardless of whether the people who commit them are wearing a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, or if they have a degree from college.  There was a time when perjury was also a Crime.  In this regard, California, and various other states, have legalized perjury, extortion, and kidnapping, simply by ignoring and protecting, if not endorsing each of them via laws that legislators have written to protect court officials: for example, "Litigation Privilege," "Quazi-Judicial immunity," and "Release of Liability" forms.  In fact, in family court, lawyers are not even sworn in, nor are many court officials required to sign reports under penalty of perjury, nor are audio tapes made of court hearings, joint "therapy," and/or private mediation sessions.

One former superior court Judge recently told a small group of parents that "everybody tells lies in court."  Not that it's true, but it illustrates how corrupt our courts have become, and how tolerant judges are of dishonesty in court.  This is evident by the fact that not once in the history of California's family courts has a court official been convicted of lying to the court: if even prosecuted for doing so.

It is also a Fact that most parents love their children, and thus they are willing to do almost anything to remain involved in their lives during or after a divorce: including paying lawyers and other court officials as much as they can afford for what amounts to a "parent license" from the state: to the tune of $10,000-50,000 per parent, per year -- not counting Child Support --:  for as long as either parent wants to fight (over anything and everything imaginable).  Lawyers, therapists, and private social workers know this, and thus take advantage of both children and their parents, simply by nitpicking them, and making one or both jump through hoop after hoop while robbing them of their assets, looting their bank accounts, and running up their credit cards.  And once these are looted, the kids are simply handed off to either mom or dad, and may not see their other parent for years nor realize why they (supposedly) just walked away.  Many parents, and former parents are victims not just of divorce, but of a corrupt federal and state government that sanctions and protects lawyers and therapists who use children for their own financial gain, and then -- after robbing them -- deprive them of growing up knowing (both of) their parents. 

What is, and has been, going on is also highly organized, simply because many of the victims are parents who have No Crime record, no driving record, don't do drugs, have not abused their children, and have had the same job for over 25 years.  In other words, they are law abiding, hard working people.  And because of the silence of our media, few people even know that court officials are -- for all practical purposes -- above the law, in cahoots with each other, and rarely if ever punished for anything they do: such as to distort, lie about, and/or nitpick, one or both parents, while charging them $100-300 per hour for unnecessary and burdensome "services" that go on for years.  I know this to be a fact, since I am one of the victims: having observed the behavior of numerous court officials, up close, for over five years.

And although it isn't the exact same case, as where kids were sent to juvenile jail in exchange for cash that was given to presiding judge Mark Ciaravella and senior judge Michael Conahan, as in the now infamous federal case dubbed "Kids for Cash," in Luzerne County, it is just as gut wrenching as it sends parents into an (almost) unbelievable, illicit, unethical, and criminal use of their own children to extort money from their parents -- via corrupt lawyers -- who are in cahoots with corrupt psychologists, therapists and Private "licensed" social workers: who use other people's kids to commit extortion..  One man I know who has been through it said this with regard to what is happening in our Divorce courts:

"Divorce has turned into a very profitable INDUSTRY for all involved except the parents.  Profitable for judges who in Los Angeles County make as much as the President of the US (not counting "donations" they get at their Christmas parties (passed on in envelopes with cash) from lawyers and  "Super lawyers." 

It's about the constant pace of corruption taking place in all contested divorce cases (where money is at stake) where under the Color of Law 1,800 lower court judges in California -- a third to half of whom are involved in divorce cases -- rake in the cash and so do divorce attorneys (and psychologists, CPAs, and a host of profiteers) who have arranged with or benefited from judges purposefully dragging out divorce cases that could be over in 3 eight hour days to as long as 10-12 years for one reason alone to make it more profitable for venal  lawyers like Tim Pittullo of San Bernardino County who will appear anywhere in California where the smell of money attracts. He will quote opposite points and authorities in similar cases to suit his desires to crush families out of money. He will arrange with the judge (Ellsworth, Dugan, Snell, Warren, Snope) for huge monetary sanctions against the party who made the bigger income and as a result render them destitute. He will call judges to overturn a decision by a subordinate judge (Snell) to recuse himself by going into chambers and call his buddy the PJ (Ellsworth) to force Snell to recant and take the case back turning Snell into a puppet that cannot make his own decisions without approval from higher authorities in order to block a pro per litigant's embarrassing defense exposing court corruption."

One final comment on such "High Conflict" cases that needs to be mentioned here is the FACT that parents are NOT EVEN TOLD about such things as "High Conflict Resolution" programs that could -- and often does -- alleviate much of the problems.  This is because, when the problem s are solved, the MONEY goes away -- which is what the court officials DON'T want to occur: at least not until they have confiscated the last penny they can get their dirty hands on.  I should know as I am one of their victims.

Randy S. Berg, Former Dad

Note: The Picture above by Kathy Brown was slightly modified for this article.

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