Open Letter to Judge Foster


Dear Judge Foster,

After you took away my custody rights (in May of 2008), I have not seen or heard from my daughter even once. I told you at that time that I had been playing Family Court extortion for 5 1/2 years and that the court's crooks had already made off with $120,000 and that I was now out of money and could not afford to play the $1,000 or more per month  (above child support) Family Court Game anymore, nor even the $45 per hour "supervision" fee that was awarded because Billy the Kidnapper Benjamin asked for it -- because I refused to go to his (Hand-picked) crooked Buddy shrink (named Bogard) whom I had already been told "always finds something wrong with" everyone who is sent his way. This was ostensibly because I walked out on Dr. (sly) Fox -- who ostensibly claimed (through Bob Lesh) that I "stormed out" of his office, and because my former spouse falsely accused me of being "suicidal" (ostensibly) because I told my daughter that Jesus is coming back (some day) and/or because I fired my second attorney after 4 years of the family court scam ???

So my question is, on my daughter's birthday, do I sign the card and gifts I send her as "Your former Dad," or do I lie and sign as "your Dad," or perhaps "your Dad who doesn't visit you anymore ???

PS: I also would like to know if Dr. Fox or Miss Ospeck are Jewish, and why you didn't disclose this aspect of who you are to the court: since Mr. Benjamin is obviously so, and since it had been pointed out to the court that he had previously lied to the court (about me and made false charges that were not even investigated)???

I also want to know if you think it is important for my daughter to know that I didn't abandon her, but rather could NOT afford to be her Dad anymore.  I want to know because I have been told that Kids want to know that Both of their parents love them: especially the one who no longer 'visits' with them.

Are you also aware that as a Judge, you are the equivalent of a social worker's, court official's,  and/or attorney's 'parent,' and especially when they do irresponsible things -- like lie to your face, and/or withhold pertinent information from you (for whatever reason), that when you don't "spank" or punish them in some way, that you are being irresponsible, and/or acting cowardly, and actually 'strengthening the hands of evildoers,' and as a result the public at large is losing respect for you.  In addition, God is watching you and will some day hold you accountable for your actions and/or inaction that you did or didn't do to bring about justice.   And last but not least, when you (for whatever reason) unjustly separate children from their fathers, you are (like it or not) bringing a curse on the very nation you live in: and thus upon yourself and your own children: according to Malachi 4:5-6 -- which warns of what the nations will be doing in the last days of man's rule on earth.   

The references for the above paragraph are found in Psalm 9:15-17; 33:12; Prov. 15:3; 24:23-25; Isa. 5:20-23; 57:20-21; 58:1-14; 59:1-8; Jer. 21:12; 22:3, 15-17; 23:14, and 17-22. 


Randy S. Berg,  former Dad

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