Michael Roddy, (purported) Supervisor 

Michael Roddy is supposed to be the supervisor of the San Diego Superior Courts -- which are, in turn, supposed to oversee San Diego's Family Courts. 

As such, it was his job to see to it that any new mandatory court rules are implemented.  However, in the case of FL-325, FL-326, and FL-327 nobody implemented them until parents became aware of the willful, and/or negligent "oversight._ Such forms were strongly recommended in 2001, but mandatory as of Jan. 2005 -- for all 730 custody evaluations.

By not implementing them until Jan 2010 -- after parents became aware of the lack of oversight, the San Diego Family Courts avoided any sort of accountability to parents, and/or to the public -- including the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board  -- for another Five years. 

And to date, nobody has been held accountable for this oversight.

So the question that must be answered by the courts is this:

Whose job was it to make sure that new mandatory rules are implemented?  And why is it that nobody has come forward to say, "I'm sorry, it was my fault" ?

For I am told that at least 52 of the 55 counties in California complied with the new rules; however, for some reason, San Diego and one or two other counties didn't.

So since the courts won't police their own ranks, nor will the California Bar Association police it's own ranks, then it is up to the average concerned citizen to do so, and to ask:  Why not?

As far as we can tell, the California Bar Association is a front for an organized crime ring: otherwise know as "Family Law."

Randy S. Berg, former dad


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