Who is more likely to commit Suicide After a Divorce?

According to Dr. Warren Farrell, men are about 10 times more likely as women to commit suicide after a Divorce: perhaps because they are about 8-9 times more likely to be separated from their Children and to be treated like dogs by Family Court Crooks?

See Father and Child Reunion, by Warren Farrell, Ph.D, p. 174, and p. 279 ref. 9.

Below is a Quote from the www.antimisandry.com website.

"Having lost their wives, their children, their assets, and ... their ability to earn a living... divorced men are killing themselves in record numbers -- over 15,000 ... per year  (in the U.S. alone) ... (due to)  divorce."

According to the article, another 7,600 men also commit suicide (each year) that is not attributable to divorce: the same amount as (the total number of) women.

Here's more:  www.glennsacks.com/distraught_fathers_courthouse.htmstandyourground.com, and  rebuking feminism.

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