To Whom It Should Concern: 

My name is Randy S. Berg.  I am a whistleblower, witness, and victim of robbery and extortion by the State of California with regard to the SALE of a child for $120,000 dollars: in this case it was my daughter to her mother.  This figure would have been higher, except that I ran out of money to allow the court and its players to nitpick me in Family Court (for $1,000 per month).  For this reason I am asking that all fees that the State of California thinks I owe it be forgiven: or that the $50,000 I paid to the State’s cohort of extortionists be refunded to me in full.

Before this criminal activity that I observed up close for over five years, I always filed and paid my taxes.  Then I realized that the State of California is involved in criminal activity in the form of child trafficking and has made itself an enemy of parents: especially of former dads like myself.

Just before I left the family court nightmare, I was told by Judge-Buddy Foster to “get a job that pays more” – so that I might keep paying “family court” extortionists to have a relationship with my daughter.  This, in essence, amounted to a $12,000/year ‘license’ to spend time with my own child, and was over and above the child support that I still pay to this day.  All told the State’s crooks extorted $50,000 from me and $70,000 from my former spouse during a 5.5 year custody dispute, where I tried to stay in my daughter’s life and be her dad, while mom sought sole legal custody, constantly complained about my parenting skills, and made up stories that she wanted the court to believe .

And as a result of the discriminatory actions the court’s crooks placed on me, (i.e. $40/hr to ‘visit’ my daughter or $1,000 a month for a lawyer, therapist and social worker) I could not afford to be her father anymore. In the process the court mocked my beliefs about God and Jesus and ordered me to not talk to my daughter about the One who made us all, and thus forced me to choose between God and my Daughter. And as result, I have not seen, nor heard from my own child since April of 2008.

And so I quite naturally opposed the State’s own criminal behavior and have since went public.  In doing so, I and others like me are, in effect, doing the state’s own job (for it) – of policing and exposing its dirty deeds of Renting out kids to their own parents, and/or Selling them to the highest bidder, and not abiding by the State’s own mandatory rules.  And we are doing so at our own expense.  In my case, I spent several years of my time reading books and articles on the divorce business and talking to people who have also been through “the system” (or so it is called).

Alec Baldwin rightly called it “a Racket” (as in a Crime Racket) during an interview on 20/20.  He also wrote a book that provided many details as to what the State’s cohort of crooks put him through and the $1.5 million dollars they charged him to be his daughter’s father. I ran out of money at the $50,000 mark, and have spent the last few dollars I had doing research and writing articles for a web site that details how the State’s professional liars and thieves use children to extort money from their parents.  

I am now a ‘disenfranchised’ / former dad, and it is unjust to penalize me for my unwillingness to aid or support such a crooked system: that has, to date not even held ONE of its own officials guilty of perjury: even though such crimes are committed daily by its officials – many of whom charge $250 -- $350/hour for their services: or 10 times more than their services are worth.  The $200 for 2013 and 2014 that (according to its forms), along with penalties and interest that the State claims I owe it is a pittance compared to the value of the work that I did for it and the people of California in creating and exposing the dirty deeds that its lawyers, psychologists and social workers have been committing, and for which I have yet to receive a cent (of compensation) for my time.

As a result of the unethical and evil deeds that the state did to me in accepting a totally baseless, and now eight year old (false) charge that was used by my former spouse and her scumbag lawyer to terminate my parental rights and separate a child from her father, I am asking that all fees that the State of California thinks I owe it be forgiven.  If not, that the money that I paid to its cohort of crooks (in the sum of $50,000) be refunded to me: as I was NOT satisfied by their bogus, unnecessary and burdensome services.

Note 1: I have no crime record, don’t do drugs, and rarely touch alcohol, yet my family court case is over a foot thick.  I am also a lifelong Californian, and my daughter was my only child and also the only child on my side of the family.

Note 2: Among other things, we San Diego parents, and former parents have uncovered the FL-326 / 327 forms scandal: wherein San Diego’s family court judges and custody evaluators were not filling out for over five years: meaning that to audit them would be a virtual nightmare for the IRS – since doing so would require an extremely time consuming investigation involving many people.  This is explained in a letter by Dr. Emad Tadros that is reprinted at the website below that various people (including myself) helped to create.

Note 3: We have also learned that there are approximately 250,000 bar certified attorneys in California, and have good reason to believe that 90 percent of whom are cheating on their taxes: simply because of the lack of integrity within their profession, and the fact that almost nobody fills out a 1099 telling the IRS how much money they paid their attorney.

Note 4: One researcher estimated that as many as 15,000 fathers and former fathers commit suicide in the United States per year as a result of the pain associated with the criminal actions that are placed on them by the States and the fact that they can’t afford to be their own child’s (or children’s) parent anymore.


Randy S. Berg                                                                                          11-10-2014