How to Hand-Pick a Court-Buddy who will do what you want


This trick was taught to me by William M. Benjamin who works in, and around, the San Diego Family Courts.

  1. First tell as many lies as necessary to get the Judge-Buddy confused about which way is up or down, and then tell him (or her) that the only way to get to the top (or bottom) of the stairs is to appoint another Court-Buddy to purportedly "investigate": while continuing to Rob you and/or run up your Credit Cards.
  2. Then ask the court to let you choose the lineup of people who can ostensibly perform whatever Scam you want done: i.e. Sole Legal Custody, your opponent declared unfit or in need of "professional" (Court-Buddy) help, Supervision, Mind-Altering Drugs, etc.
  3. Then Select three different people: two of whom, for some reason, can't perform the task, and the third being the one you WANT.
  4. If the "professional" Thief, and/or Scam Artist that you just got another "Job" fails to do what you want, then next time find someone else.
  5. If they do what you and/or your client wants then keep going to them.

Note also that it helps if YOUR client PAYS for the evaluation, and if your client is NOT included in it.

It's that simple.

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