How the System Works ...  
To Maximize Conflict . . .  And Kid-Sale Rentals and/or Profits 

This is how  “The System” works: to get as MUCH of the PIE as POSSIBLE out of each and every Divorce where Kids are involved.  Note: "The System" is a term that is used by court personnel to describe the gang of judges, lawyers, therapists, psychologists, private mediators, and adult supervisors. 

  1. If the Child-Traffic Courts, also known as "Family Courts" can get the non-custodial parent to STOP PAYING Child Support by harassing them to no end to be their Kids Mom or Dad, and "visit" with their kid: while Robbing them of as much of their assets and income as possible -- via endless court-games and nit-picking -- then the custodial parent will likely file a complaint with the Department of Child Support Services.
  2. When that happens the State will become the Collection Police… and (then and only then) is allowed to tap into Uncle Sam’s Shake & Bake Bank Sale and non-stop printing press: or be paid to collect the money by any and all means possible: including revoking the would-be parent's drivers license, draining their bank account, wage-garnishment, and if that doesn't work, taking them to jail: regardless of  whether they have a job or not, or whether they have been laid off.
  3. Therefore, the State-run Child Trafficking Courts are doing anything and everything to make Dads (and less often Moms) PAY over and above Child Support to be their Child's parent.  Thus they discourage parents from being their own child's Mom or Dad and encourage them to try to obtain some sort of Justice for what the courts have done to them. 
  4. And so it is that some parents try to obtain some sort of justice because their children have been taken away from them by the state: in many cases simply because they could not afford hire an attorney, or they ran out of money to pay to the family court's cohort of extortionists ... and they STOP PAYING for Children they can’t “visit” with: much less be a parent to. 
  5. This way either the family court’s cohort of Crooks or the State get PAID whether Dad stays & pays -- over and above his monthly "child support" to be his child's dad, or he finally balks & walks.

    The Above Scenario is taking place all over the country: with Family Court officials getting One, Two, Three, or Four Child Support payments each month for using their microscopes to analyze and re-analyze fibs, minutia, false charges, and obviously false charges. And although having “both parents” involved in their Child’s life is sometimes mentioned, in reality, their importance PALES in comparison to how much CASH a Child of the State can bring: often $24,000/year per broken up family: and sometimes a LOT MORE. And the Looting goes on until a parent goes broke or walks away from their own child: because they can't afford to keep playing Family Court Chess.