Court of Justice or Child Trafficking Service?    
San Diego Family Courts have been using Children to extort Money and Assets from broken families.
A typical scenario -- for those with Houses and/or Assets to confiscate -- is as follows:  

  1. One or both parents will obtain a lawyer.

  2. The lawyers will tell the parents that a psychological / custody evaluation will benefit them and they will agree to do so at their expense.  This will cost from $3,000 -- $30,000.  

  3. The court will then appoint a custody evaluator.

  4. The evaluator will ask that a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) be appointed to mediate between the parents: and that the parents and/or their children need therapy.

  5. The Judge will often do whatever the custody evaluator asks.

  6. The above co-conspirators will then continue what the lawyers began: i.e. to confiscate money and assets at $100 Ė 300 / hour: for services that often go on for years: or until a parent goes broke or grows weary of trying to please people who donít want to be pleased but to play      games with you and your kids and use them to commit extortion.

  7. In high conflict cases, after all available Assets are confiscated, the court will award sole legal custody to the parent who let themselves be used: often the one who told lies, nitpicked, made trouble and/or false charges, and whom the co-conspirators used to line their pockets with cash.  If the alienated parent canít afford $500-$1000 per month (in addition to child support) for a lawyer, therapist, and/or a supervisor, he or she will then be separated from their children and may not see them for years.  

Because our courts donít police their ranks and our media is more concerned with sports and weather than exposing professional kidnappers, itís up to parents, former parents, and concerned citizens to do the job for them.  For only when the public stops feeding this system will they stop using children to commit extortion and begin to restore relationships that they have destroyed.

 See also:;;;,; and Try also Google,  Yahoo,, and/or searches on San Diego Family Courts, Family Court Reform, High Conflict Divorce, and/or any therapist, mediator, supervisor, or lawyer you are thinking of allowing on your case.  Do NOT allow your lawyer or private mediator to pick whoever they want without first checking them out for yourself via the Internet.

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