Family Law Attorneys who Care about you and your Kids


On page 160 of her book on divorce,  Adryenn Ashley  stated that:

"There are also some sinister factors in play that often mean your case is decided based on how much money the court will get in grant money, and how much incentive funding the child support agency will earn ... " 

And on the next page she said that:

"Since you cannot predict the outcome, you must do everything possible to stay out of family court."   p. 161

In my opinion, the ONLY Family Law Attorneys who are worth using for a divorce are ones who actually care about you and your children: meaning someone who is a family friend or relative, and who is not out to help you destroy your ex.  The only other type  of attorney who I can recommend is one who does not practice litigation, but rather mediation, and who works with both parents to solve, settle, and/or mediate everything BEFORE you go to court.  Their work is often over with in a Day, or perhaps two.  

Private mediators who work with attorneys are -- in my experience -- scam artists who simply want to "mediate" anything and everything imaginable, as often as possible, until your children are grown up.

For example, below are two such attorneys who work in the San Diego area who care about sparing you from lots of headaches and (virtually) endless legal (and related court) Bills:

The Diplomatic Divorce Lawfirm at:
Ph. # 877-664-6334

and Divorce in a Day Mediation at
Ph. 760-348-8497

Family Legal Centers,
Steven R. Lewis, Director
Riverside: 951-445-9971,
San Diego: 619-688-1090

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