Family Court Spirituality Survey
Circle the answer you believe to be the most accurate.

1.      T  F   I believe there is a Creator / God who made me, and who sees everything I do.

2.      T  F   I believe that unless I am forgiven, I will be accountable for my actions, and/or inaction.

3.      T  F   I have the freedom to choose to do right or wrong.

4.      T  F   I believe in right and wrong.

5.      T  F   I believe that truth exists, and that people sometimes alter it to suit their interests.

6.      T  F   I believe God wants to have a personal, and intimate, relationship with me.

7.      T  F   I think I am good enough to earn my way into Godís future kingdom.

8.      T  F   I have done unnecessary things that have damaged or destroyed the relationship that a
          Mother or Father had with their Children.

9.      T  F   I have, on many occasions, covered up for a dishonest and/or contentious parent.

10.  T  F   Family Court Judges are like parents who refuse to discipline their children.

11.  T  F   My actions or decisions are sometimes influenced by the Money that will be generated.

12.  T  F   If my pay was cut by three-fourths I would still do what I do because I love my job.

13.  T  F   Family Courts are like a Child Auction Service, where Children are used as pawns to
          confiscate their Parentís money, assets, and/or credit cards.

14.  T  F   My decisions are influenced by the Money it will bring me or my Court-Buddies.

15.  T  F   A large part of my job is to find fault with parents or how they parent their kids.

16.  T  F   I donít often meet the Children of my clients.

17.  T  F   I attend church and/or read Godís word at least once a week.

18.  T  F   If the Public knew how much court officials get away with, theyíd poop their pants.

19.  T  F   I once admonished a fellow Court-Buddy for telling fibs.

20.  T  F   My Integrity is for sale at my hourly rate.

21.  T  F   One of my top priorities is to protect Court Officials from accountability.

22.  T  F   Most lawyers will tell lies if it makes them, their client, or the Court look good.

23.  T  F   I have at least five friends who are Doctors, Lawyers, and/or Judges.

24.  T  F   I know more than one Court Official who attends church regularly.

25.  T  F   I often drive by a Church on my way to work.

26.  T  F   I once gave my life to Jesus.

27.  T  F   Most of my friends are atheists and/or agnostics.

28.  T  F   Many of my friends make over $250,000 a year.

29.  T  F   Family Courts will separate children from parents for telling them the truth about the court.

30.  T  F   I have more faith in myself and my Court-Buddies than I do in God.

31.  T  F   Contentious court cases often generate from $50,000 to $300,000 or more.

32.  T  F   Family Court officials are usually more concerned with Loot collecting than whether
          both parents stay connected to their Children.

33.  T  F   Family Courts will ask false accusers to stop telling lies after the 3rd or 4th time they are caught.

34.  T  F   Family Court Supervisors often make less than $100,000 per year.

35.  T  F   Many, if not most, Family Court officials make over $150,000 per year.

36.  T  F   If the Family Courts were thoroughly Investigated, many people might go to Jail.

37.  T  F   Family Court officials will often sacrifice a relationship a child has with one parent to
          please the contentious, story-telling, and/or Loot-generating parent.

38.  T  F   Because Family Courts are concerned with right and wrong, Lieyers are often banned
          from working with them.

39.  T  F   Family Courts often view Children as tools to promote their Business.

40.  T  F   If an official is caught telling lies in Court, the Judge will usually ignore them.

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