Down at the Family Court House  
The following is being said about California's Family Courts by people who have been through them and 
came out childless and/or broke, and others who have worked in them: along with quotes from other Sources.  

"Felony Tax Evasion." 
Spoken by Dr. Emad Tadros with regard to why San Diego judges, attorneys, and 730 custody evaluators didn't 
(bother to) abide by Mandatory Rules that required them to fill out forms FL-326 and FL-327 (from 2005 onward).
 In a
Letter to the IRS  it is explained that without such forms there was no paper trail for them to follow: not that 
they would anyway, since the Legal Industry itself is controlled by the Bar Associations -- which are, in turn, owned
by the Rothchilds (who are one of the top banking families that own the Federal Reserve, and thus the IRS). 

“I would say that about 50% of the people are corrupt.”
about San Diego Family Courts, by someone who works in them. This was my experience as well:
and that the other half simply keeps quiet while stuffing their pockets with CASH.  

"Another person I spoke with who works with San Diego's courts
told me that the figure is probably closer to 90% -- regarding the 
corruption in their Family Courts." 

I think that this figure is probably closer to the truth. 

"Going through a divorce in most States is like being tied to the back 
of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road late at night.”

Alec Baldwin, in his book "A Promise to Ourselves."

Few People realize that both Federal and State Governments are 
running a massive Child-Trafficking ring taking place through much 
of America, Canada, and Europe -- and that the Federal Reserve 
bankers (who own and control the Bar associations) are the ones
most responsible for what is, and has been going on.  Others may 
blame the Democrats, simply because the majority of lawyers and 
therapists belong to that political party.

Randy S. Berg, former Dad and victim of the scam

"Attorney's are like slot machines, you ... put money into them but it is
 very unpredictable if you are going to get anything back ..., and if you 
do, it will ... cost you much ..., you will be bankrupt."

Excerpted from Without Honor, Hall of Injustice, by Raymond Heninger

“There has never been a case in the history of the California
Family Courts where a court official was convicted of Perjury.”

Spoken to me by two different lawyers
  who work in the San Diego Family Courts.
That's because to a Judge-Buddy, telling Lies in court are just “Petty things” ... and 

because California gives Lieyers a Free Pass to play Lies & Court: via "Litigation Privilege."


"He always finds something wrong with my clients: 
even the ones that I know there is nothing wrong with."

Spoken to me, by a San Diego therapist who works for the Family Courts ... with regard to 
the psychiatrist who
Billy the Kidnapper often recommends -- and tries to set people up with..


You have to wonder when Certain Individuals have charges, or 
false charges, ... associated with almost EVERY CASE they take."

Spoken by someone who knows Billy and others like him: who tell as many lies
as necessary to obtain of Sole Legal Custody for their client.  A few
 Action Photos are Here 

“You need to get a job that pays more.”
Spoken by the Judge who sought MORE MONEY before closing another Kid-SALE, 
and Dumping another
Truckload of Crime down the Family Court’s Bottomless Pit.


"Those son's of Bitches"   
This is what my Dad would say if he were still alive: with regard to the people who work in 
our (so-called) Family Courts today: who are there for themselves and the money that they can 
make from using kids to commit extortion, and by deceiving the court about what is really going on --
and with regard to the Judges who KNOW what has been going on for years.

"... not one member of the San Diego Bar Association bothered to ...
Read to Court's new Rule Book.  And if they did they either kept 
quiet or were told to do so: even after (the) rules became mandatory."

A statement by Dr. Tadros to the CA Bar Assoc. with regard to FL-326 and 327 forms that San Diego's Family Courts 
failed to implement for over Five Years: and then only after parents discovered the oversight and complained. 


“Quite simply, it appears there is no process  for filing (a) 
complaint against a 730 Code  Custody Evaluator, or is there?”

A question asked by Ben of Michael Roddy, who is thought by some to oversee San Diego's Family Courts.
And I would add that to my knowledge there are No Family Court Complaint Forms: which leads many to suspect 
that Family Courts are NOT concerned with serving the public, nor "the children," but their own personal ($$$) interests. 

“You got Screwed!”
Spoken by an official who was familiar with my case: after I told her I didn't see my Daughter anymore.

“Thousands!  I know Thousands of people just like you!”
Spoken by the Director of the California Men's Center: with regard to how many people he has talked to, 
or met, in the San Diego area who also "got screwed"  in their divorce / "custody dispute" / battle fight.

“It’s a Racket.”
Alec Baldwin  spoken with regard to the Family Courts during a recent 20-20 interview:  He also stated in his book 
that he and his ex-wife spent $3,000,000 fighting in Family Court: her for SLC and he to remain in his Daughter's life.

"Of course you will get to see your Daughter.
My attorney for the first two years.  He also told me that I would get joint-legal custody.  However,
he did not tell me that it would cost $12,000 per year -- Over and Above Child support -- to keep it: 

“This is ALL about yer Daughter!”
Spoken by a Fox / Therapist
  who was milking another case for ALL it was worth:
in this case about $120KKK from “minor parenting issues," "minutia" and a Bible Story 

“He gave his Daughter a Turkey Burger.”
Spoken by William M. Benjamin  as he was trying to convince a judge-buddy to separate another 
child from her Dad, withheld other information when specifically asked why he hates fathers, and succeeded 
in another legal kidnapping after a 6th False Charge of abuse: after the Dad ran out of Ransom Offerings.

"It's because I told you not to Sunday School your Daughter." 
Spoken by a Judge-Buddy who didn't like parents talking to their Kids about the One who made the Earth, 
and us: just before ordering up another "legal" Kidnapping: because Dad walked out on the Money-Scam.

“I’ve spent $400,000 in legal fees and my Ex has spent $600,000.”
This man asked to remain anonymous, since he's still fighting to be a parent. Other parents have told me
they spent $60,000 to $440,000 just to be their Child's Parent: and told to Keep Paying up or else.
I spent $50,000: plus $45,000 in Custody & Lieyer 1 Support before I also had to walk away.

“Justice only takes place down there by Accident.”
to me by a man who used to work with the San Diego Family Courts: right after I told
him that Billy the Kidnapper made a false charge in court that was not reported to CPS, nor investigated.

“Just wait till you show up to court without an attorney!”
Spoken by Chris Hansen, who Lost custody of his son in the San Diego Family Courts
: because he stopped 
Paying ransom (Money) to professional liars and thieves. I didn't believe it was as bad as he said, until it also 
happened to me: for after being Robbed by them for four years, I ran out of Money to pay them, and in less than 
a week,
William M. Benjamin  convinced a fellow Judge-Buddy to terminate visitation over another false charge: 
then temporarily reinstated on the condition that I agree to keep Paying the kidnappers and extortionists.

“You're the most nitpicky client I have ever had.
Spoken by Marjorie Ospeck: about someone other than me: before I walked out on the Scam. 

“You have to Pay her.”
Spoken by my 2nd attorney (for 2 more years) regarding an inaccurate report by a Private mediator 
who was milking another case for all it was worth: In this case about $120KKK.  For if you Refuse
to pay a court-buddy for an inaccurate report, then the Judge will hold your kid for Ransom.

“You're not my dad."
Spoken by a son who grew up without a father when he was 12 years old, when his own father finally 
got to "visit"  him.  Little did the kid know that it was his own mother and the corrupt Family Court
 in Sacramento, CA who were most responsible for why this (would be) father gave up trying to please
people who only wanted more and more money for their (so-called) 'services" -- after having spent 
about $30,000 trying to be his kid's Dad. Spoken to me by the father himself, whose name is Greg.


“The government’s job is to protect its citizens, but in the case of an 
angry spouse or former spouse, the court’s officials sit back and allow 
them to nitpick and tell as many lies as they want until all the money 
is gone. 
That’s how they make their money. It’s all about the Money.”

Spoken by a man who who also LOST custody of his son in the San Diego Family Courts, and afterward 
stopped paying taxes and wrote the Great IRS Hoax: located on the  website: 

(Above the Law) mediation is such  (an) improvement over 
(Above the Law litigation)
  it should be  … mandatory    whether they agree or not.”
From Divorced Dads by Sanford Braver, p. 241. The above quote is about the ONLY thing from Braver’s book
 that made it into the Family Courts. And how twelve years of research and writing on why so many Divorced 
Fathers walk away from their Children was thrown away and used to fix nothing.

“I was party to this lawlessness.”
Psychiatrist Lee Coleman, who saw what was going on in the Courts and decided to have nothing
more to do with them; quoted from Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal, by Bruce Wiseman, p. 298

“Abuse of Immunity is inevitable. Where there is no accountability, 
there is no responsibility.  It is as simple as that.”

Margaret Hagen, Ph.D.,  from Whores of the Court, p. 233.

 “We're hoping the Media or the Federal Government Wakes up:
 to what they are guilty of ignoring or orchestrating
A former parent who was Robbed for over Five years, cheated out of being a Dad, and told to either get lost 
or to "get a job that pays more" so he might keep paying Kidnappers to tell more lies and/or to take more notes.

"My job is simply to keep the lights on".  
A statement made by Michael Roddy to Eileen Theofanous, with regard to why nothing is being done to
stop the corruption in San Diego's Family Courts.  According to Eileen, Mr. Roddy is paid $450,000 a year to do so.
Incidentally Mr. Roddy waited until parents complained before taking any action to implement mandatory Court Rules 
with regard to
FL-325 and 326  See also quote below by Dr. Emad Tadros, M.D. 

“I'm going to allow you to investigate.”
Spoken by Lisa Foster
  with regard to finding a Court official who is not in it for the Money.
FL-326 and San Diego Family Courts for what I learned about how much they care about law. 
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State sponsored Malfeasance or Organized Crime  

“They’re Afraid ..."
Harry Crouch, the Director of California Men’s Centers in San Diego, and President of the National Coalition for Men: 
regarding why the DA’s office has done NOTHING about the massive corruption in San Diego's Family Courts.

Randy S. Berg, former Dad / Volunteer Investigator ... 
of government Corruption and Child Trafficking

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