Court Officials are Above our Laws
And have a license to tell lies in Court: compliments of the State

The sooner you realize that Divorce and Family Court are a corrupt Business, the better off you will be.  This is because Most of the people who work in this Business are Liars, Extortionists and Kidnappers who are -- for ALL Practical Purposes -- Above the Law. 

I say this as a first-hand witness to what they said, did, and/or covered up during a 5.5 year custody fight, while I tried to be a Father to my daughter, while mom tried and re-tried all sorts of shenanigans to get me declared "unfit," ... all the while Court officials simply took notes, lied about, and/or covered up what was going: as they stuffed their pockets with CASH.  All told they extorted about $120,000 ... and they WANTED MORE MONEY for me to be my daughter's father.  

The Judges are also very much involved: simply by refusing to admonish their court buddies who use children to commit extortion: even as is the State and Federal government.  A good friend of mine and his former spouse have spent $1,000,000 on their divorce, and it is still not over.  Other people I know have told me that they spent $65,000, $75,000, $90,000 and $440,000 on legal and other court-related fees while trying to stay in their child's life. Others have told me that "after four years" they had to "walk away from their children as well."  One lady I know told me that her former husband -- who made "millions of dollars" -- paid her "nothing" in Child support during a 14 year custody fight, while paying his attorneys between $2-3 Million dollars.  And a local Father's Rights Advocate told me that he knows "thousands" of other parents like me who "got screwed" in their divorce: just in the San Diego area.

Private and State attorneys, FCS and "Private" Mediators or Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Therapists, Play Therapists, psychologists, and Judges are completely unaccountable for their actions and virtually Never held accountable for anything they say or do: including telling lies, distortions, and/or "misstatements of fact" in, or to, the court while they commit extortion and kidnapping under the guise of law or doing "what is best for" the child.

I have since learned that "Not once, in the history of California's Family Courts has a court official been held accountable for, or convicted of, telling lies to the court," and that court officials are protected by fellow court buddies, Judge-buddies, Quazi and/or Full Judicial Immunity, Litigation Privilege, Release of Liability forms, State licensing boards, the California BAR association, and by the silence and/or ignorance of our media.

Court officials will even refuse to release their credentials as to their training when asked for them in writing.  And even when they do release them, the court will not hold them accountable in the least bit: even when they are grossly misleading and/or inaccurate. 

Court officials are rarely sworn to tell the truth in court, and routinely sign their reports with legally meaningless words such as: "Respectfully" rather than "under penalty of perjury."  For example, if you or I represent ourselves in court, the first thing a Judge-buddy does is swear us in to speak the truth, while they DO NOT do so for any attorneys present and who will be also be speaking in court.

The ONLY type of attorney that I can recommend without misgivings is one who specializes in mediation ONLY, and who works for both parents, and whose services are used for a limited time only.  Often their work is over and done with in only one or two days.  And the ONLY type of counselor or "therapist" I can recommend is one who is a non-professional personal friend, or one who works for a church and who is NOT associated with Family Court.

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