Books & Videos
on Family Court and what to expect

Divorced Dads: by Sanford Braver

Without Honor: by Raymond Heninger 

Throw Away Dads,  by Parke & Brott

Taken into Custody by Stephen Baskerville

A Promise to Ourselvesby Alec Baldwin

Father and Child Reunion by Warren Farrell

The Divorced Dad Survival Book by David Knox

The Sovereign Christian Marriage by Chris Hansen

Betrayal of the Child: A Father's Guide to Family Courts... by ???

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 Father's Guide to Winning the Divorce War 


Books on Psychology and Psychiatry

Whores of the Court by Margaret Hagen

Psychology Debunked by Lisa and Ryan Bazler

Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal by Bruce Wiseman


Videos on Child Trafficking (& Family Court) Services

Title IV-D Funding

Stephen Baskerville

Support System Down

Senator Nancy Schaefer 

Daddy Justice on YouTube

Fred Finally Faces up to Eileen

Federal Funding of Family Court

Family Court Racketeering Parts 1 & 2 

 Tea Party Documentary