The Basics of Family Court Reform

The following things -- if implemented -- will cause Major Changes in an Industry that has reeked havoc on the people of North America and Europe.  It is a problem that has only grown worse because the people involved are -- for all practical purposes -- Above the Law, and because the great majority of them are there for their own financial benefit, as opposed to "the best interests of the Child," or that of Parents, or for the public good.

1. Require that tape recordings be made of all court hearings, mediation sessions, therapy sessions and psychological evaluations.

2. Implement FL-C / Family Court Complaint forms that are easily accessible to the public: both at the courts themselves, and online.  This, in itself, will begin to Reward those who are there for the Children and their Parents, as  opposed to themselves and their own financial gain.  In this regard, it is a fact that the entire Family Court system is a Black Hole, where information on individual court officials is hidden from the public.  This is NOT the case for civil, criminal, nor probate law.  If this information was available, then it would be possible for a concerned parent, private investigator, and/or district attorney to actually investigate a court official.

3. No Judge is allowed to separate Parents from their Children during or after a Divorce.  Such action should only be allowed by a panel of 12 parents or former parents by unanimous vote: after having heard the evidence and notified or attempted to notify both parents in writing.  The only exception is if (or during the time) that a parent is in Jail.   

Note: This change is necessary because there are NO JURIES in Family Court, and because many, if not most, court officials have become corrupt.

4. Implement a maximum wage for all lawyers, therapists, psychologists, supervisors, and others who work in, or around our Family Courts: of $55 per hour.  Although many will scoff at the dollar amount mentioned here, it is a fact that our Family Courts have a monopoly on the Divorce industry, are not accountable like other professionals, and that the money paid to court officials very often influences the outcome of their decisions. 

As an alternative to the above wage limit, when one parent has, or is willing to spend More money than the other, the parent with less money must be allowed to file a complaint and be given similar access to court services: including having his, or her attorney fees and other court fees paid for by the parent with money.  If a judge refuses to allow this then the parent with less money must be made aware of the panel of parents who oversee the Family Courts.

5. Require that easily visible WARNING signs be posted outside of every Family Court, and also on the walls of every person who works in, or with our Family Courts, and on their Front Doors, and On any forms that they are asked to sign: especially "Release of Liability" forms: Stating that the person who enters, or signs, does so at their own risk, and that the people who work therein are -- for all practical purposes -- Above the Law: and that "Quazi-judicial immunity" almost without exception means "Full Judicial Immunity" -- since Family Court judges, and Superior court judges are (almost without exception) part of the "Good Old Boy" network. 

6. Require all people, including and especially lawyers, be sworn to tell the truth before they are allowed to speak in court, and that all court reports be signed under penalty of perjury.  In this regard, a "one time" oath taken at the time of admittance to the practice of law, has become a Joke ---  at least with regard to Family Law --- since Family Court officials do, in fact, tell lies, withhold important information from Judges, and even alter court transcripts, yet are rarely, if ever prosecuted for doing so.

7. Parents and co-parents must be made aware of their options with regard to ongoing private mediation.  For although private social worker mediation may work in some cases, it very often does not work in high conflict cases simply because the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Marriage and Family Therapist is often in it for the money.  In this regard, parents need to be made aware of what is called High Conflict Resolution where all communication between parents is monitored by voice mail, text messages,  and/ or email.


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