Below an example of what happens when a lawyer like Pittullo is given lots of Money to fight over just about anything and everything ... an to settle for almost nothing short of Everything:
In this case Timothy Pittullo, himself

22 bankers boxes

Five year divorce and counting (2007-2013?). 7 year span calendar.
Community property value: $3.5 mil

Now in bankruptcy

Spent approximately $1.5 mil on lawyer fees, court fees, transcripts fees, appeals, psychologists, CPAs, corporate lawyer, minors counsel, business evaluators, traveling cost over 87 times to faraway courts for hearings, trials, family mediation, paper filings, research fees, and more none of them providing any results after 5 plus years!

Each banker's box = $55,000 up in smoke. A double tax opportunity by the US Treasury. Same money taxed twice!

Below is Real Man who has been Fleeced by the Riverside Family Courts ... 
It appears that he has also lost his shirt in the process ???

Close up of the Boxes


A small portion of this man's story is posted below:

The Ellsworth-Dugan-Snell Divorce Court cover up. My story.

This story is about the triumvirate or "tag team," of two judges (Sherrill Ellsworth and Becky Dugan) and one lowly Commissioner, employees of the Divorce Court (renamed Family Court), a lower court in Riverside County also known as "Superior" court. In the mix is a less than savory and greedy opposing attorney, Tim Pittullo, already known for his disingenuous manipulation of the courts ("Without Honor" by Ray Heninger) and of the laws, who oftentimes cites contradictory points and authorities depending on which case he represents.

It is about me the DL or "Designated Loser", whose case was handled by 13 judges in 5 years (Wagner, Codrington, Mandio, Ellsworth, Bermudez, one pro tem, Dugan, Snell, Monterosso, Snell, Lucky, Warren, to be named). I was  so-named (sub rosa if course) only after having received very fair judicial attention from two prior good judges Carol Codrington and Mark Mandio, was thrust in mid-proceedings into the hands of a judge known as the "hanging judge" Sherrill Ellsworth, who according to the Press Enterprise sentenced a black man to 1,330 years in jail for molesting a 4 year old. How much more for rape? Rather typical of her sentences. Rotated into divorce court from criminal Ellsworth with prodding and communications from opposing attorney she was incapable of making the distinction between criminal males and Fathers in the process of a painful divorce. She was clearly ill-disposed in my case and ill-suited. This lack of legal specialization generally unknown in progressive and larger counties only hurts the balanced execution of justice as no one can be an expert in the field of Family Law without knowing tax, corporate, labor and constitutional laws, altogether a lacunae with most lawyers even those who are certified in so-called family law.  There is no schooling to become a judge unlike more progressive countries like Germany. The rotation between various court types makes the facilitation of manning the overriding focus rather than the learned application of the law.

Each if these judicial officers selected by the powers that be for their propensity to bias a case in order to please in the hope of advancement (Ellsworth and Snell) thus passed the baton to compliant colleagues as they were exposed for their biased rulings - in a case that has begun to attract attention in higher courts and the internet - exposing what is seen by this litigant, and others in the know, as a corruption of justice. When I finally recused Commissioner Snell on Sep 27, 2012, after much chamber consulting with his superiors Snell dropped out properly letting his legal department of lawyers decide what to do and whom to assign in my case. Will the tainted baton be passed to finish the cover-up? No one yet knows. To date there are orders pending for months that have not been sent. In two prior instances the court clerks signed they had sent the Statements of Decision to my address when they hadn't. This court collusion with malfeasant actions was to preclude my lawyer (Summers) and myself later in pro per to receive notice and prevent us from appealing. Their next move was to sanction me for dating to file an ex parte notice to protect my children and then to have me declared vexatious an action to completely muzzle a self-represented litigant.

I cannot but help being reminded of the similarity of my legal case with the US Army cover-up in the case of the fratricidal death of Pat Tillman, the Ranger volunteer in Afghanistan and former NFL player great.

To quote Jon Krakauer, the respected liberal journalist in his investigative book "Where Men Win Glory" the Army brass in a collusive action forced their junior officers to lie about the truth of Pat's "death by friendly fire," an appellation that could euphemistically be applied to my divorce court who should have been friendly and not delivering "fire."

While the parallel of our stories which  may seem to many to be a dramatized and unworthy comparison somewhat grandiloquently contrived in that Pat and I led very different lives, with his receiving a great deal of attention given his NFL fame and his walking away from a $9.6 million contract to enlist in the Rangers, the process of deception by the ruling organizations is too eerily similar to miss.

In page 358, Colonel Nixon who eventually reported on Pat's death as a fratricidal engagement said:
"and it took a considerable time to get the truth" out of the higher officers.

Krakauer opined that "all of these officers continued to read from the same patently disingenuous script, reciting a series of self-serving rationalizations intended to justify what was actually a very calculated effort to deceive not just the Tillman family, but also the American public - which of course was the real target of the misinformation campaign."

Somehow, I find a parallel between my Divorce court and Pat Tillman's Rangers of the US Army, two branches of an American government, fully funded by tax payers, who see it as their overriding duty to, after having given destructive orders that resulted in his death by friendly fire, to cover-up the resulting consequences when an affected individual starts to spill the truth.

As with the US Rangers in the Tillman death cover-up they have tried to muzzle me by punishing me further and threaten with with far more nefarious consequences and then when realizing their misdeeds might be getting the attention of the American public then react by closing ranks by trying to concoct with their respective legal departments a course of action to do damage control as to what happened. In court they simply dismissively say this is just "loser's sour grapes" as Dugan said even before the case is even concluded.

Allisdaire Lawrence Suther

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